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To state of emergency of "Tommek" - the regional representative of KAESER KOMPRESSOREN GmbH - delivers and serves all equipment which is made by this German firm.

The KAESER Kompressoren firm is the leading producer of compressors and stations of preparation of compressed air in the world today.

- Screw compressors efficiency from 0,3 to 79 nanometers cubic.

- Booster compressors (booster) with pressure to 40 bars.

- Blowers.

- Dehumidifiers refrigerator and absorbatsionny.

- Individual complex decisions.

- Accessories for pneumatic systems.

The TOMMEK enterprise does target power audit of pneumatic systems for the purpose of optimization of the choice of the compressor equipment.
Products And Services
Compressors screw Kaeser ASK
In stock 
Technical characteristics: Proizvoditelnost:2,86-4,06m3/mines Working davleniye:7,5-13bar Electric moshchnost:15-22kvt Approximate thermal moshchnost:12-17,6kvt Type of privoda:klinopassovy Options of equipment (option): - utilization is warm PTG - Kondensatootvodchik Ecodrain - System of...
Group: Screw compressors
Filter, cyclonic separator of Kaeser FF \FST \FB
In stock 
Technical characteristics: Capacity (FB-FFG):0,58-248m3/mines Maximum pressure (FB-FFG): 16 bars Options of equipment (option): - Kondensatootvodchik Ecodrain - System of catching of Aquamat oil - electronic monitor; - FST performance that prevents reproduction of microorganisms.
Group: Filters and separators for compressors
The system separats і ї paved z to Kaeser Aquamat condensate
In stock 
  Tekhn_chn_ characteristics:   Produktivn_st compressor:    1,2-120 m3/hv   =mn_st:                              &
Group: Electromagnetic seperators
Bud_veln_ kompresor _z elektrodviguny MOBILAIR M 13 E – M 46 E
In stock 
It is gray і ї: MOBILAIR M 13 E - M 46 E Produktivn_st: 0,75 - 4,4 m ³/hv (27 - 155 cfm) Tisk: 7 - 15 bars (100 - 220 psi) Bezshumn_st - ekolog_chn_st - un_kaln_st Peresuvn_ kompresor of sulfurs і ї MOBILAIR z privodny elektrodvigun vikoristovuyutsya in...
Group: Compressors
Tsiklonny separator of KAESER
In stock 
Tsiklonny separator r_zn_ ZK01 rozm_r - ZK04 z p_dstavka z I l_trovoit the 4th a maslyanka on p_dstavts_ z nayb_lshy і usp_shny virobnik_v =vropa pneumatic systems _z I zagalnoit one chiseln_styu prats_vnik_v priblizno 5000 cholov_k. Osnovna meta - a shouting і є ntovan_st on consume a...
Group: Separators cyclonic
Compressor piston oil-free Kaeser KCT \KCTD
In stock 
Technical characteristics: Productivity (6 bars):59-504l/mines Working davleniye:6\8 bars Maximum working pressure: 10 bars Electric moshchnost:0,75-4,4kvt Type of privoda:pryamy Scopes: - Medicine; - Pharmacy; - Food industry; - Snow canons; - Another. Types of installations: -...
Group: Piston compressors
The compressor the piston Coupled Kaeser KCD \KCCD
In stock 
Technical characteristics: Productivity (6 bars):2kh80-2kh590l/mines Productivity (8 bars):2kh73-2kh544l/mines Maximum working pressure: 10 bars Electric moshchnost:2kh0,75-2kh4kvt Type of privoda:pryamy Scopes: - Polygraphy; - Brewing; - fire-prevention systems; - Pneumo instrukment....
Group: Piston compressors
Blower rotor Kaeser BB \CB \DB \EB \FB
In stock 
Technical characteristics: Productivity at +300mbar:5,9-73,7m3/mines Productivity at-200mbar:5,9-74,2m3/mines Maximum rabocheedavleniye1000mbar Electric moshchnost:15-110kvt Type of privoda:klinopassovy Options of equipment (option): - performance in a noise-attenuating casing - frequency...
Group: Blowers
Osushuvach Kaeser DC adsorbts_yniya
In stock 
    Tekhn_chn_ characteristics:   Produktivn_st:                       0,15-154,5 m3/hv   Worker tisk:                                          5-15 bars   Spozhivannya elektroyenerg і ї:               50 W   Glibina osushennya (a point dew ret): to - 70*C                                  
Group: Moisture eliminators
Osushuvach Kaeser TG\TH\TI refrezhiratorniya
In stock 
    Tekhn_chn_ characteristics:   Propuskna zdatn_st:                   30,8-90 m3/hv   As much as possible tisk:                                    16 bars   Spozhivannya elektroyenerg і ї:         3,1-11,5 kW   Glibina osushennya (a point dew ret):         to +3 * With                   
Group: Driers refrigerator
Compressor piston Kaeser Eurocomp
In stock 
Technical characteristics: Productivity (6 bars):195-1000l/mines Productivity (8 bars):170-900l/mines Productivity (12 bars):188-820l/mines Maximum working pressure: 15 bars Electric moshchnost:1,7-7,5kvt Type of privoda:pryamy Options of equipment (option): - Kondensatootvodchik Ecodrain -...
Group: Piston compressors
Pristr_y automatic to a v_dvod to Kaeser Eco-Drain condensate
In stock 
    Tekhn_chn_ characteristics: M_n_malny worker tisk:                   0,8 bars More as much as possible worker tisk:          &nbs
Group: Condensate-tapper


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